Single Use, Sterile Dermatology Products

KAI Dermatology Instruments

KAI DISPOSABLE BIOPSY PUNCH is a sterile single-use, stainless steel instrument for accurate and gentle skin biopsies. It is simple in handling and presentation of a skin test is neatly defined in terms of its length and diameter, giving excellent representation of cross-section through the entire cutis that is sufficiently deep and wide.

KAI DISPOSABLE BIOPSY PUNCH WITH PLUNGER SYSTEM has a practical, patented plunger system which ejects lodged tissue.

KAI DISPOSABLE DERMAL CURETTES is used for precise gentle curettage with a sharped single cutting edge for soft and/or weak tissue e.g remove basal cell carcinoma, verruca and other benign neoplasm of the skin.

KAI DISPOSABLE BIOPSIBLADE is perfect for skin/tissue saucerization and shave biopsy.

KAI Products have a 5-year shelf life.


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