Re-useable Stainless Steel Surgical Instruments

Adeor's Zeppelin® Parametrium Scissors and Clamps

Zeppelin® Parametrium Scissors have the TC cutting edge inserts that make them reliable and durable in surgical procedures. The blades of the scissors match the Parametrium Clamps’ curvature.

Zeppelin® Parametrium Clamps are designed in response to modern biomechanical findings, these proven forceps ensure a secure, non-slip hold with minimal tissue trauma. With its different overall and jaw lengths and the anatomically bent jaws, it meets the high demands of a safe, non-slip and non-crushing hysterectomy clamp.

Zeppelin® Lainz Clamps has special angulation of the shanks in conjunction with various jaw curvatures facilitate the dissecting over clamps. This technique is most space saving.


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