Peak Flow Meter, Mouthpieces and Accessories

Clement Clarke Mini-Wright Peak Flow Meter (Standard- EU Scale/Yellow Scale)

The CLEMENT CLARKE MINI-WRIGHT PEAK FLOW METER STANDARD RANGE is a simple inexpensive handheld device that measures peak expiratory flow rates. The Clement Clarke Peak Flow Meter is recognised worldwide as the “GOLD STANDARD” in Asthma Management. The MWPFM measures the Peak Expiratory Flow (PEF) of patients allowing both the health care professionals and patients to measure the asthma condition.


Peak Expiratory Flow (PEF) is a measurement of how much a patient can blow out. When a patient is well the PEF reading is higher, when the airways are narrow (as in asthma), the PEF reading is lower. The PEF measurement for the STANDARD model is between 60 - 800 l/min. Each MWPFM is individually hand calibrated to ensure maximum accuracy.


The MWPFM STANDARD is suitable for home and clinic use. It is accurate, reliable and durable with an easy to read scale. It is available in ATS and EU Scales.


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