Able Spacer with Positive Small Whistle Mask

Able Spacer (Small Mask varient) is now available with the New Positive Whistle Mask, this guides
drug delivery and works with the Rafi-Tone Lite App. The whistle in the mask will not sound if it does
not fit the face properly, which makes it easy to confirm the fit. The Rafi-Tone Lite App can be
downloaded free from Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The Rafi-Tone App works with the
whistle tone as an incentive tool for children to have fun with, while learning to accept the use of
their spacer. Each time the whistle sounds the game moves on.
The Able Spacer is a popular valved inhalation holding chamber that facilitates the use of pMDI
medication. This improved version of the Able Spacer is now manufactured in the UK, made from
transparent plastic incorporating anti-microbial silver ion technology which provides
improved protection from contamination, and inhibits microbial growth. The visible valve movement
makes it easier for parents or carers to observe and confirm correct inhalation and actuation.




For corporate users, please contact E-xclusif for corporate prices