Feather manufacturers the sharpest blades amongst all the brands currently in the market as a result of its innovative Japanese manufacturing technology.

Feather surgical blades are available in either stainless steel or non-glare carbon steel that satisfies a wide range of demands from surgeons. The blades and scalpels are individually packed and sterilized. The table below shows the different materials and sizes that Feather manufacturers.

Feather blades comes in 2 materials – stainless steel and carbon steel.

Feather stainless-steel blades are made of highest quality hardened stainless steel and has anti-corrosion property.

Feather carbon steel blades undergo “Bluing” which is a special passivation black oxide coating process to protect against corrosion. With the high carbon content and anti-corrosion, Feather carbon steel blades are sharper and more durable.

Feather surgical stainless steel blade No. 350, 370, 390, 391 and 390C are small shaped surgical blades, which makes it suitable for microsurgery (fine incision) with a microscope.
Due to the appropriate shape and thickness, these blades are easy to control and makes it suitable use for in fine incision operations.

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